Why is water from a bottle dangerous?

Man is almost 70% liquid. Dehydration of the body leads to its rapid aging. Nutritionists recommend everyone to drink water, while opinions about its quality are very different. Why do some doctors consider the one that is sold in bottles dangerous?

Opinions differ about the amount of fluid consumed. Some argue that the daily allowance is 2 liters. Others recommend drinking 30 ml for every kilogram of body weight.

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Water quality is also controversial. Someone forbids drinking it from the tap or sources. There are nutritionists who consider the one that is sold in stores to be dangerous. They explain this by the fact that plastic negatively affects the composition. Long-term bottled water is exposed to the sun. All this reduces its healing effect.

Nutritionists believe that the liquid in soup, tea or coffee is insufficient for the body's needs. Moreover, he spends energy on its processing. He needs clean water. The best option is a flow-through one, which has passed filtration.