Urbech - what is it, the benefits and harms of the dish. How to make Urbech at home and how to take

One of the national dishes of Dagestan - urbech - is used in folk treatment. Outwardly, the product resembles a classic paste (analogue of peanut). It is made from several types of seeds or nuts, which are mechanically ground to form a total mass. There are no additives in the composition, the product is considered natural and medicinal.

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What is Urbech

The peculiarity is that during the production of pasta, the components are not affected by high temperature, so all useful microelements remain in the composition. Since Dagestan is a mountainous country, pasta was used by shepherds as a source of strength for the whole day. When cooked correctly, a valuable and healthy Urbech will replenish energy and provide endurance.

Urbech is one of the traditional varieties of pasta formed from the following types of seeds or nuts:

  • flax seeds;
  • ​​
  • sesame seeds;
  • apricot kernel;
  • walnut;
  • seeds of various plants and others.

The history of the formation of this product begins at a time when shepherds were the main inhabitants of the Dagestan region. They came up with a way to make pasta because of its high energy value. It is known that nuts and seeds contain a lot of carbohydrates (increased calorie content), which helps to replenish energy reserves in the body. Answering the question: what is urbech, it should be mentioned that the product is considered “alive”. All ingredients are natural, the mixture is obtained only by mechanical grinding.

How urbech is made

Dagestan urbech is made from the above-described seeds, nuts or seeds, more often by hand or using a mechanical installation. With the manual method, a stone container (stone millstone) and a crushing machine made of the same material are used. All components, together or separately, are ground until a thick mass is formed after all the nuts or seeds have spilled oil. The fact that the urbech is done with your own hands gives it the correct consistency and healing properties. Interesting facts:

  1. Many people mistakenly consider this paste to be an analogue of a peanut product. However, in the latter version, the amount of peanuts in production is no more than a third of the total mass. The rest is additives in the form of cocoa, sugar, milk and others.
  2. A healthy treat is also created from hemp and milk thistle.

Urbech: benefits and harms

The benefits and harms of Urbech are described not only on the Internet, but also in many medical reference book of the last century. The product has medicinal properties for all human systems and organs. Use the composition for such diseases as:

  • bronchitis;
  • arthritis;
  • allergy;
  • impotence;
  • cough;
  • prostatitis;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • cardiovascular disease;
  • laryngitis and others.

The reason for this positive effect is the richness of the composition of mineral complexes, which include amino acids, iodine, manganese, iron, vitamins, calcium, fiber and other trace elements. Additionally contains ascorbic acid, taurine (energy complex), biotin and carotene. Such a delicacy is used for sight, for a figure and other organs. Urbech can be harmful if there is an intolerance to the components. Caution urbech is used during pregnancy.

Urbech from flax

Valuable flax is one of the components that are used in folk medicine or in health prevention. The natural product has a positive effect on the body, useful for constipation, for disorders of the intestinal tract and others. Flax urbech is extremely useful for women and men of any age:

  1. It is shown to those who have problems with the presence of excess cholesterol, are obese.
  2. Recommended for those who are uncomfortable with high blood pressure.
  3. Old-timers advise to eat urbech when treating the prostate.
  4. Finding out what is useful for flax urbech, remember: the additional component in the fried form has the properties of an antioxidant spectrum, cleanses the liver of toxins.

Urbech from sesame

Urbech from sesame has a high calcium content. Such food contains up to several grams of calcium per hundred grams of pasta. It is produced according to the classical technology, which involves grinding the seed in a stone millstone. Features:

  • The taste of a traditional dish is sweet, slightly tart.
  • The consistency of the paste knits, envelops the entire oral cavity.
  • The recipe involves the use of the composition with fruits, bread or other natural products to increase the nutritional value.
  • This paste is used as a dietary supplement or as a main component.
  • It does not mix with liquid (tea, coffee), but it is used in the form of paste or jam, spread on bread and fruits.
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Pumpkin seed urbech

Pumpkin urbech is made exclusively from ground pumpkin seeds. When consumed, it prevents arthritis, obesity, slagging, kidney problems, and intestinal tract problems. In consistency, this type does not differ from other types of additives such as urba. It should be taken with the main food without mixing. The ratio of dried pumpkin seeds and sugar in the composition should be as follows: from 95 to 5. The first indicator is the pumpkin component, and the remainder is natural sucrose. Only with this composition will you get a thick product, the right color.

Peanut urbech

Dried peanuts are the main ingredient in peanut urbech. It tastes like peanut butter, but the composition always contains only one or two components (sugar and peanuts themselves). The benefits of Urbech are additionally expressed in the saturation of natural protein. This component is indispensable for the body. It is used to lose weight, increase muscle definition (increase muscle mass) and increase energy throughout the day.

Urbech - how to use

Correctly use Urbech without combining it with other foods (for example, it should not be added to soups or meat). It exists as an additional type of dish. There is a valuable supplement followed by teaspoons (about two to three at a time). Understanding how urbech is, it is important to take into account the possibility of spreading it on bread. This sandwich has a high concentration of carbohydrates. At the same time, it makes no difference what kind of pasta you use. Almond, apricot or hemp Dagestan urbech can be:

  • mixed with butter, sunflower oil;
  • add to porridge or potatoes

Urbech - recipe at home

The basic recipe for urbech at home is simple. Take up to a kilogram of nuts or seeds from which you want to make a paste, and some sugar (up to five percent). For cooking, a stone or granite gutter is required. At home, it is more convenient to use a garlic with a stone press - only in this way you will eventually experience the true taste. Rub the seeds with sugar until thick (poppy seeds can be added).

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