Top 7 food and nutrition trends in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has made major changes in the lives of most people... Behavior and habits have changed, many have understood the value of health and the need for proper nutrition. Nutritionists point out what trends in this direction can be expected in the coming year.

Functional nutrition

During the pandemic, interest in foods that affect health has grown. People have realized that to strengthen the immune system, instead of pills, it is better to organize proper nutrition. Manufacturers will start producing products with supplements of vitamins C, D, selenium and zinc. Sales of natural ingredients that increase the body's defenses - echinacea, ginger, turmeric - will increase.

Mental health is equally important. Food does not cure stress, depression, anxiety, but it does affect your overall well-being. In 2021, probiotics, vegetables, fruits rich in antioxidants, healthy fats - avocados, nuts, olive oil will be popular.


Many people have understood the need to consume locally sourced products. This is not only due to supporting businesses during a pandemic. Farmers, small companies do not use preservatives, they care about the quality of products. It is environmentally friendly, always fresh, without dangerous additives.

Avoiding extremes

Diets with strict restrictions, vegetarianism are often harmful to health. More and more people are leaning towards proper nutrition. The combination of animal and plant foods is the trend of the coming year. At the same time, there is a tendency towards a decrease in the proportion of meat in the diet. Manufacturers will promote plant-based products.

Changing the culture of food

Many supplements, diets promise quick results, which actually do not exist. This leads the consumer to the understanding that he should give them up. Nutrition is a priority using whole, natural foods. People realize that the main thing is not the indicators on the scales, but health.

Transparency of information

The buyer is interested in what the finished products are made of. Manufacturing companies in 2021 will avoid harmful ingredients, indicate the composition and manufacturing methods on the boxes.

Meal Kits

In these fast paced times, there is a growing trend towards the use of ready-to-eat food delivery. At the same time, the consumer does not want to be content with fast food, he needs healthy food. In the coming year, manufacturers must respond to these requests.

Baby food

Parents are committed to the health of the child. They choose foods that children like and are healthy and nutritious at the same time. They are worried that many manufacturers use large amounts of sugar, artificial ingredients. The industry must reorganize itself to produce healthy food from natural ingredients, plant products. It lays down the right eating habits from childhood..