The most useful water for humans

The author of the books A. Nazarov shared his research on the amazing liquid. Water can quench thirst, cure many diseases. It is important to know what types of it are useful for use, how to drink them correctly.

Bottled water is sold in stores, delivered home from natural wells. Before purchasing, you need to study its composition. The most useful water from an artesian spring. It contains natural elements that are formed under the influence of temperature and pressure over many years.

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Water from land sources is often purified, and then the necessary components are added to it. It contains micro- and macroelements, but inferior in quality to natural ones. There are special medicinal types, which include ingredients that help with various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, lungs. Such funds are prescribed by a doctor with an indication of the dosage.

To get less sick, mineral water should be drunk correctly:

  • Medicinal table types are consumed 15 minutes before meals.
  • Drinking-canteens - half an hour before and two hours after meals.