The link between diet and death from coronavirus

Scientists around the world are studying COVID-19 and its impact on humans from different angles. One of the areas is the connection between dietary habits and death from coronavirus. As a result of the research, scientists have come to interesting conclusions.

The Mediterranean diet is very popular among those who look after their health. It turned out that people who live in countries where it is widespread are more likely to die from the coronavirus.

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The least fatalities in COVID-19 were observed in the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany and Turkey. Researchers attribute this to dietary habits. Residents of countries include dairy products in their daily diet. They are rich in vitamin D, calcium, restore lipid metabolism and remove uric acid. All this reduces the risk of complications from coronavirus infection.

Low mortality rates from COVID-19 were noted by researchers in China and Russia. Fermented foods are used in the food system of these countries. Residents include sauerkraut in the diet, which affects fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Such food has no effect on the coronavirus. It increases the body's defenses.

Researchers note that for the formation of immunity, it is necessary to adhere to a proper diet for several years. Unhealthy food abuse can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, which end in complications of the coronavirus and the death of the patient.

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