The danger of insomnia for the body

If a person cannot rest well at night, it causes serious harm to health. When insomnia is caused by jet lag, a new diet, it lasts 1–2 days. In the chronic form, problems arise that are dangerous to the body.


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Lack of sleep increases the likelihood of developing health problems. Insomnia can result in serious illnesses and conditions:

  • Stroke and heart attack.
  • Asthma attacks, seizures.
  • Weakening of the immune system.
  • Increased sensitivity to pain.
  • Obesity and diabetes mellitus.
  • An increase in blood pressure.
  • Diseases of the heart and blood vessels.
  • Prolonged inflammation.

Mental disorders

With chronic insomnia, a person develops anxiety, anxiety. Often he becomes confused and disappointed. The danger is the development of a depressive state.


Constant sleep deprivation affects productivity and school performance. A person's memory capacity decreases, judgments change. Insomnia and lack of energy make it difficult to make the right decisions, which increases the risk of accidents. A driver who has weakened attention due to lack of sleep is more likely to get into road accidents.

Life expectancy

Researchers have found that people with chronic insomnia have a 97% higher risk of death. Scientists compared the two groups. In one, the participants in the experiment slept 7-8 hours a day, in the other much less. The analysis found that in the second group, the probability of death was 12% higher.

Risk factors for insomnia

To prevent dangerous consequences for the body, it is necessary to get enough sleep and eliminate the causes that cause sleep disturbance:

  • Frequent stress.
  • Night work.
  • Use of laptops, smartphones in bed.
  • Violation of biorhythms associated with a change in time zones.
  • Use of stimulant drugs.
  • Excitement about the upcoming event.
  • Diseases of the heart, respiratory organs.
  • Mental disorder.
  • Daytime sleep.