How to eat nuts correctly

A specialist who knows the components of food and evaluates the legality of their use is a nutritionist. He does not prescribe diets to treat people, but advises what and how to eat in order to maintain health. Today we will talk about nuts.

These foods are high in calories. Nuts contain a huge amount of nutrients. They are rich in proteins, vegetable fats. Nutritionists believe that in order to get the most out of this product, it needs to be activated.

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Nuts contain phytic acid, which prevents the absorption of beneficial trace elements. There are several ways to destroy it. Nuts can be fried, but due to the high amount of fat they are not very healthy.

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Second the more complicated method is fermentation. Special solutions are used for it. After processing, the nuts are dried at room temperature.

The most accessible method is soaking. The nuts are peeled and kept in water for 6–8 hours. Once rinsed, they can be eaten. These foods should be kept refrigerated. In addition to nuts, grains and legumes are processed in this way.