How to avoid repair problems during a pandemic

During self-isolation, many swindlers entered the construction market who developed several ways to increase the estimate. Top manager of the analytical center "Alpari" A. Loboda told what tricks are waiting for buyers in the markets of building materials. “Now there is a high risk of running into substandard materials. For example, it was noticed that some shops sell second-grade stale timber at the highest price, ”the specialist says.

According to Loboda, merchants want to cover costs, so they will not make discounts. Therefore, he recommends that wood buyers pay more attention to the quality and volume of purchased cubic capacity. Another important point is the purchase of expensive materials. A. Loboda does not recommend entrusting purchases to builders. If you do not control the process, then you can overpay up to 30% of the normal cost of goods.

According to the top manager, unscrupulous repairmen often purchase similar building materials, but of much lower quality, although everything will be correct according to the checks. You should also be wary if builders offer too low a price for work. This indicates their lack of professionalism. People who have lost their jobs in other areas will seek any kind of income and offer services over the Internet. The quality of the work of these "masters" is a big question.

In order to avoid problems with the repair, it is necessary to carefully select the contractors and check the estimates. Now people are often faced with a hidden increase. When builders buy on their own, they obviously often take more building materials than necessary. At the end of the work, the repairmen ask to pick up the surplus, after which they use them at other facilities.