8 foods for the brain while studying, exams

Students during the session experience serious psychological stress that affects their health. To improve mental performance during exams and studies, it is necessary to organize proper nutrition. You should include in the diet foods that improve brain function.


Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries are rich in flavonoids that have a positive effect on mental performance. They increase blood flow to the brain, protect against inflammation, and improve the function of nerve cells that affect learning, long-term and spatial memory.


During exams, it is useful to use almonds, cashews, peanuts for a snack. Nuts contain vitamins and minerals necessary for brain health and general mental health.

Dark chocolate and cocoa

These foods improve insulin sensitivity, which has a positive effect on memory function. Chocolate and cocoa reduce mental fatigue, increase blood flow to the brain, and speed up response to problem solving. The flavonoids in their composition directly act on the areas that control attention and memory.


These are sources of natural multivitamins and minerals that are involved in coordination, physical activity, memory preservation. Eggs improve the visual and mental functions of the brain.


Fatty varieties contain omega-3 acids, vitamin B12, selenium. These substances slow down the decline in mental development. Eating seafood during the session improves memory and overall brain health.

Citrus fruits

Fruits contain several types of flavonoids. They protect brain cells from damage, promote learning, strengthen memory, and prevent mental retardation. During classes, exams, you can use oranges, grapefruits or juices from them. Supplement with nuts, which contain healthy proteins and fats for the brain.


Vegetables are rich in nitrates, which the body converts into nitric oxide. This compound is responsible for proper blood flow, communication of nerve cells, and brain function. Drinking beetroot juice improves test performance.

Red, orange, green vegetables

Foods contain carotenoids that activate mental performance. If you consume carrots, peppers, broccoli while studying, you can increase your intellectual data, improve memory, and academic performance..