7 products to cleanse your blood

Stress, environmental influences, unhealthy diet contribute to the accumulation of toxins. When they are concentrated in the blood, it causes health problems. Detoxification strengthens the immune system, improves skin condition, heart, liver and kidney function. The cleaning process can be stimulated with available products.


Cabbage contains antioxidants that help eliminate toxins. Natural blood purifier is rich in vitamin C, dietary fiber, trace elements, Omega-3 acids. These components have a positive effect on health.

Fresh Fruit

To cleanse the blood of toxins, you need foods rich in pectin. The diet should include pears, plums, apples. They bind excess fat in the blood, remove heavy metals, harmful chemicals. Strawberries, blackberries, cranberries, which affect the state of the liver, should be present on the table.

Green leafy vegetables

Mustard leaves, spinach, cabbage, salads are good for healthy blood flow. They contain disease-fighting antioxidants. Foods increase the amount of liver enzymes that help cleanse the blood of toxic substances.


These vegetables are a natural source of antioxidants and nitrates that reduce inflammation in the body. They stop oxidative damage to liver cells, promote the production of substances that remove toxins.


This is an affordable, natural blood purifier. Water stimulates the kidneys to eliminate toxins in the urine. It is useful to pour it into a copper vessel in the evening. Drink water on an empty stomach in the morning. Copper promotes better blood detoxification.


Spice helps to cope with inflammatory processes in the body. Milk with turmeric nourishes, tones, stimulates the production of red blood cells.


To detoxify, you need to drink warm water. It is useful to add lemon juice to it. It breaks down fats, reduces the burden on the kidneys, and helps cleanse the blood and all body systems..