6 tips for proper washing

The housework that all housewives face requires a special approach. So that things after washing retain their color and shape, do not shrink and deteriorate, it is necessary to follow simple rules. Experts give their recommendations on how best to do this.

Read the label

Garment manufacturers leave care information on it. A tag located on the side seam or on the back of the neck indicates the type of fiber and the recommended washing and drying methods. Sometimes it takes the form of conditional icons.

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If the label is missing or lost, follow these guidelines:

  • Machine wash cotton, nylon, polyester. Any temperature is suitable for natural material, boiling is possible. Synthetics require warm and cool water.
  • Viscose, silk and wool are recommended to be washed by hand. When doing this, use cool water.

Sort the laundry

This operation requires three factors to be considered:

  1. Color. Wash white clothing separately. You can add products in pastel colors to it - cream, pink, light gray. Dark colors include black, red, brown, and deep blue. Highlight blue, light green and yellow clothes.
  2. Set aside heavily soiled items. They require a separate wash.
  3. Check each group by fiber type to find the correct mode.

Remove stains

Before putting clothes in the clipper, check for signs of dirt. If you find old or fresh stains, remove them first.

Select the washing mode

To make it easier For users of the task, the machine manufacturers program in advance the cycles taking into account the type of fabric and the degree of soiling. Read the instructions for the technique first. Bulky items can be washed with an extra rinse, while cotton can be boiled.

Load your belongings

To prevent damage to your clothing and vehicle, observe the following rules:

  • Check all pockets and remove loose items from them.
  • Fasten the buttons and zippers to prevent them from snagging on other objects in the car.
  • Remove belts, belts, put them separately.
  • Turn dark clothing, jeans, and embellishments inside out to preserve color and detail.
  • Wash delicates and small items, underwear in a mesh bag.
  • Add the amount of detergent according to the instructions.

Empty the washing machine

Do not leave items in the drum for a long time. This will prevent the formation of mildew and reduce wrinkles and creases in the garment. Air dry, iron and remove.