5 ways to deal with stress at work

The situation in the team is not always calm, especially when there are many tasks that need to be completed in a short time. Stress adds coronavirus. The concern is the possibility of contracting an infection on the way to the office and back home. Psychologists give advice on how to cope with stressful situations.

Do not suppress anxiety

Such actions take extra strength. Anxiety is a normal response to stress. Allow yourself to worry a little, it will be less tiring. Try to analyze your state - at what moment it appears, how you feel at this time.

Challenge the Alarms

If you are afraid to be the first to start a conversation with colleagues, try online communication. When you're worried about public speaking, sign up for a public speaking course. Prove to yourself that you can find a way out of the situation and successfully overcome anxiety. Such actions will increase your confidence in your abilities, change the attitude towards anxiety.

Take care of yourself

To cope with stress, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle - eat well, exercise, get enough sleep. You can't let your mind constantly analyze the situation, criticize your own actions.

Take breaks from work, change the environment. You can take a walk on the street at lunchtime, perform simple exercises. Limit your coffee intake. This drink increases heart rate and physical symptoms of anxiety.

Connect with friends

Even during a pandemic, you need to maintain relationships with loved ones. These do not have to be face-to-face meetings. You can host online parties, solve problems together, and be creative.

Learn to relax

To relieve stress, you need to reduce muscle tension. This can be done with stretching, yoga, breathing, and meditation..