5 foods to boost your sex drive

One way or another, sex is among the basic physiological needs of a person, even if there are people who are completely uninterested in it. And even for the proper functioning of the body, hormonal levels, it is important that physical intimacy in an adult happens regularly. And here a lot depends not only on the presence of a permanent partner, but also on libido or sexual desire. The problems of its extinction, of course, should be dealt with with a doctor, but sometimes for stimulation it is enough to establish nutrition and include several aphrodisiac products in the diet.

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Another not the most common product, but very useful for the body: avocados have a lot of monounsaturated fats, folate acid and vitamin B6, which help to increase sexual energy.


Popular among those who lose weight, “greens” are actually a strong stimulant of testosterone production, as well as a regulator of the synthesis of progesterone and estrogen. In addition, asparagus lowers the level of prolactin, a hormone that can suppress libido in women.


Hot peppers - for thrills: such a slogan could get chili in advertising. The high content of capsaicin in it stimulates blood flow, including to the genitals. It can also affect testosterone levels.

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Even in ancient Greece, this product was considered a sacred symbol of love, therefore it was used in rituals to attract a partner. From a scientific point of view, it affects libido due to the high content of potassium and amino acids that enhance endurance.


Not the most affordable product, but very actively working for the benefit of intimate life. Oysters, due to their high zinc content, stimulate the production of sperm, therefore, not only increase libido, but also male fertility (the ability to fertilize).