3 smartphone apps through which you can sign up for a COVID-19 test

Residents of the capital can take a free test for coronavirus in 30 clinics, the list of which is published on the official website of the Moscow Department of Health. The service is available only if you have a compulsory medical insurance policy registered in the city. Registration takes place by appointment by phone or online. For smartphone owners, there are 3 applications available, in which you can queue up for taking tests.

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"My Moscow"

The user needs to be authorized online before working with the application. Owners of personal accounts on the Moscow mayor's office website mos ru just need to enter their username and password. Then the user needs to select the "Medicine" menu item, after which a window will open for making an appointment with a doctor. Next, you should click on one of the tabs, depending on the type of analysis: "Smear for COVID-19 (PCR)" or "Blood (COVID-19 antibodies)" and enter the OMC number.

"UMIAS". The unified medical information and analytical system of the capital

To queue up, the user will need to register, as well as enter information about the OMS medical insurance number and date of birth. After that, you need to place the cursor on "Appointment to a doctor" and click on the button. Next, select the type of coronavirus testing and confirm the action.

"State services of Moscow"

After passing the authorization, the user enters the Personal Account. To register for the test for Covid-19, click on the "Appointment to a doctor" tab and select your last name and initials. A list of available services will appear in the window, from which you need to select the required type of testing and the corresponding specialist.